McEntee’s Irish Afternoon Blend Loose Tea 250g Bag


  • McEntee’s Irish Afternoon Tea – 250g Bag – Expertly Blended in Ireland to give That Perfect Cup of Tea. A Traditional Blend of Ceylon, Assam and Kenyan Tea Delivering That Taste of Home.
  • To ensure your teas freshness we deliver your McEntees Tea in a refill foil bag, sealed for perfect freshness. The perfect way to refill your McEntee’s Tea caddy. This ensures that your tea always delivers that distinctive flavour that you only get from a traditional quality Irish loose tea.
  • For our traditional Irish loose tea we choose teas made through the Crush, Tear, and Curl (CTC) process which produces a granular leaf particle rather than the Orthodox process which creates more of a leaf shape. It’s this type of tea that produces the distinctive Irish full bodied tea with deep golden colour and quicker brew time, delivering a traditional cup of Irish tea.