McEntee’s Tea on sale at Neighbourhood Food Blackrock

Neighbourhood Foods Blackrock

McEntee’s Tea on sale at Neighbourhood Food Blackrock

Great comment from the Team at Neighbourhood Food Market Blackrock.

“McGill University research has found that in ONE CUP of tea there is approximately 11.6 BILLION micro plastics and 3.1 BILLION nano-plastics as a result of the plastic used in tea bags. Not only is this alarming for our bodies but it has a damaging ultimate effect on our environment.

Barry’s Tea uses a petroleum-based plastic called polypropylene to seal their tea bags.

Lyons teabags (made in the UK) has phased out plastic from their packs. The company now uses biodegradable material derived from corn starch to seal the bags. It’s called polylactic acid (PLA) which supposedly breaks down in our compost bins but this takes some time.

Why don’t you switch to a loose tea such as @mcenteestea Not only does loose tea eliminate excess waste and packaging but it is also made right here in County Louth.
Support a local small business, while doing your part to reduce excess waste… it’s a no brainer for me!”

We had our first week delivering our orders to the new Neighbourhood Food Market in Blackrock, Dundalk, Co.Louth. Great to hear such words of WISDOM from a great local market @neighbourfoodblackrock here in Co. Louth that should be supported.